Should I take a Washing Machine Repair Plan?

You may be familiar with the situation where suddenly, the washing machine starts leaking and you panic that it will never work again, but there’s still a load of important laundry waiting! Before these situations occur, you might want to consider preparing yourself by getting electric appliance insurance, or at least a repair plan.

washing machine

Despite the fact that washing machines are an essential part of everyday life and are used almost daily, most of them only have a warranty of one year. If your washing machine happens to have a malfunction after the manufacturer’s warranty period, you will have to pay for the repair yourself and unfortunately, these types of repair costs are typically high. As the washing machine is a device that a lot of people have to be able to rely on in order to get on with their lives, customers are often forced to pay these high bills so they can wash their clothes.

Why insurance might be better

For the aforementioned reasons, when buying electric devices such as washing machines, blenders or a TV, there is a good chance that the shop will ask you if you’d like to purchase a repair plan for your device to protect you from potential high repair costs. You might want to choose actual insurance over a repair plan, as these plans are not legally binding in some cases, whereas insurance is a lot more reliable. Additionally, insurance for devices are covered by the financial compensation scheme of the government, so you can be sure that in all cases you can get your money back. If your insurance company is not able anymore to pay for device damage, the financial services compensation scheme will step in and pay what the insurance cannot pay.

Insurance is legally binding, so you can be sure that you can claim financial help as long as your case fulfils the legal requirements of an insurance case. Depending on what kind of insurance you take, it will cover the damages of your washing machine as well as a new washing machine in case yours gets stolen. Further cases that are covered by insurance would be an accidental damage, or the breakdown of the washing machine. Some insurance also offers you an option to pay with annually or monthly instalments so that you don’t have to worry about having to pay a high amount of money at once.

Protecting all of your devices at once

Numerous insurance companies offer insurances for more than one appliance, so you can get an option to protect all the appliances instead of just one. This way, you won’t have to contact a group of different companies for each device. Instead, you will be able to have one company to help you with all your devices – from your washing machine to your fridge or cooker. If you own several appliances, it might be worth considering such a multi-appliance policy.