The Easiest Way to Damage Your TV

Maintain the minimum distance

Modern television is a powerful device in which extremely high-quality technology is used. As a rule, even the most modern TVs produce heat. Individual plasma devices even use an integrated fan to dissipate the heat generated outside. It is therefore imperative that the television is set up correctly. So, if you integrate the new telly in a cabinet or place it between other devices, you should make sure that you leave enough space to dissipate this heat. If there is a build-up of heat due to incorrect positioning, you will not enjoy your TV for long.

Protection against moisture, temperature fluctuations and heat

Modern televisions are extremely sensitive when it comes to moisture or large temperature fluctuations. In most cases, any form of liquid is an absolute taboo for any technical device. Therefore, the new television should also be used exclusively in closed rooms. The idea of watching the next football game on the balcony or on the terrace usually ended with the first rain shower. Even drinks or filled flower vases have no place near the TV.

In addition, you should also avoid large temperature fluctuations, for example during transport. This also really resents technology. Of course, you should also avoid intensive sunshine on your flat-screen TV. It can also lead to heat build-up during long-term use. In addition, the actual viewing pleasure is clearly clouded by a possible reflection. Other heat sources do not belong near the TV either. A fireplace, stove or heater can also damage the screen. In principle, the immediate vicinity should not exceed the temperature of 35 to 40 degrees. If in doubt, a thermometer can help.

Make sure you are in good standing

The models of the latest television generation are only a few centimetres wide, offer a constantly growing diagonal and rest on a stylistic masterpiece of a small pedestal. In most cases, this looks really good and fits in perfectly with the set-up, but it usually does not contribute to the TV’s stability. In the past, old tube screens provided sufficient stability just because of their enormous weight, but those days are over. Therefore, you should absolutely ensure a firm and secure stand. Place the television only on a designated piece of TV furniture, and ideally, the device will be firmly mounted on it. Otherwise, playing children, raging pets, or careless visitors can quickly cause a falling TV.

Secure mounting on the wall

The best way to set up a TV properly is to mount it on the wall. Make sure that you have sufficient hold and use a special holder to hold a corresponding TV. The so-called VESA standard was developed especially for this requirement. You should only use holding devices that comply with this standard. Then you can also be sure that all threaded holes fit your flat screen.

If you follow these steps, your TV should work for a long time.