Top 5 Tips for Fabric Care

The materials that our clothes are crafted from can vary widely, and each requires different types of fabric care. This means taking a few extra steps before washing to ensure that clothing is pristine and ready to go. Following a few simple rules will give your wardrobe extended longevity and keep your clothes feeling newer for longer. If you want to learn five ways to protect your clothing investment continue reading.

·         Turn Your Clothes Inside Out When You Wash Them

On almost every garment you own, if you check the tag, you will find a small sentence that implores you to turn your clothes inside out when you throw them into the wash. This simple step is handy when applied before washing to take care of your clothes and protect the fabric from damage. If you think about what an article of clothing must go through during every wash cycle, it is a constant barrage of banging and bumping and sloshing and mixing in the washing machine. The abrasion from other clothes can eventually cause damage that leads to fading, tearing, pilling, and other cosmetic defects in the fabric that are best left for the inside, where they cannot be seen.

·         Check and Empty All of Your Pockets Before a Wash

We stuff and pull things from our pockets constantly. This daily habit means that it is hard to keep track of everything that goes in and out of our pockets. Sticking an ink pen in your pocket and forgetting about can spell disaster for your unsuspecting clothing. While in the wash, all of the ink will be released and permanently soil and destroy all of your clothes. Additionally, the residue could damage the machine or transfer to multiple loads. This is a perfect reason why taking a little time to check your pockets before every single wash will save you loads of headaches if you forget something small in your pockets.

·         Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

There is a saying that states you can never have too much of a good thing. Whoever said this clearly has never had to deal with the mess of using too much detergent or misusing it. Detergent, while great for removing soils, odours, and stains, can cause more problems if it is overused. If the detergent is not put into the washing machine according to the instructions on your washing machine, it may not fully activate and dissolve. This will lead to unsightly stains or residue on your clothing that will eventually break it down over time. Adding too much detergent can destroy your washing machine over time and lead to stains and residue that can only be removed by deep cleaning the machine.

·         Separate Colors Before Washing

It seems like a classic horror story of all laundering beginners is washing a load only to find out all of their crisp whites are not a pastel hue of denim blue or a pale faded red. This is usually the result of not separating like colours before a wash. When washing clothes, especially new clothes, the dies in the fabric tend to leach into the water. When this happens, they are free to deposit into any clothing that is lighter in colour, specifically whites. This is why you must separate light-coloured and white clothes from denim and other heavily died garments.

·         Dry Clothes in the Recommended Way

The convenience of the heated dryer is a modern marvel that makes life so much easier for anyone trying to wash clothes quickly. The only problem is it is not perfect for every type of fabric. Delicate items such as silk, wool, cashmere should all be hung to dry. This will prevent shrinking that makes the garment unwearable. Typically referring to the tag of a garment will reveal the best way to dry the item.