What Is Window Glazing Insurance?

Window glazing insurance is cover that protects you against damage to the windows in your home. It should cover you for all-natural disasters, like storm damage, but can also cover you in the event of accidental damage.

What exactly is window glazing insurance?

Windows glazing insurance will cover your windows in the event that the glass is damaged, cracked, or broken. Most policies will offer repairs and replacements by qualified glazers as standard and may charge an excess fee as set out in the terms and conditions. Excess fees will vary by policy but will still be far cheaper than paying for replacement glass outright.

Don’t I have window glazing insurance if I have home insurance?

Not necessarily. Most home insurance policies only cover you in the event of emergency situations or from damage caused by fire, water, or theft. Accidental as well as other types of damage can be excluded in most policies. Check your terms and conditions to know for sure.

How much does a window replacement cost?

This can vary depending on the type of windows you have fitted but can run into hundreds of pounds. If the window is double or triple glazed, is large or not a standard size, or is lead paned or panelled in any way, the cost can be even higher.

Window security can negate your house insurance

Most people don’t realise that broken or faulty windows are considered a security risk by most home insurance policies. If you suffer a break-in as a result of the damage, your insurance provider may refuse to payout.

So, window glazing insurance is important?

In short, yes. Protecting your windows is vital to the security and well-being of your home. Not having windows glazing insurance can lead to stress and further issues for your home. Getting a quality glazer out quickly is never easy, but most insurance policies will have a tradesman out within 24 hours.

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