What to Look for When Buying a Pot

High-quality pots and pans are a must-have for any chef. They are a must-have kitchen appliance. Especially when you cook outside your home, you appreciate your own cookware back home because you know exactly how they cook the food. When using inferior pans, it is common that if the steak is not cooked evenly it loses too much water.

Cooking Pot

The juicy steak can be more apt for use as a shoe sole when using a combination of a bad stove and a bad pan. That’s why it’s important to have some good pots and at least one good pan in the house – so that cooking is fun and the food really tastes good.

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Savings forbidden: the importance of good pots and pans

Sure, there are pans for as little as £20 or less, even with lively colours that could suit any designer kitchen, you could also buy your entire kitchen appliance insurance for less than £20 per month but let’s be honest: If you have a kitchen that looks great, you should be able to cook great food too. What use are all the appliances and expensive stoves, ovens, steam cookers and heat drawers benefit when you don’t have the quality equipment to match? While coloured pans are beautiful to look at, especially when the neon-pink pan matches the pink wallpaper in the kitchen, you shouldn’t cook more than a few fried eggs or fried rice with them. Then you have to have the stainless-steel tableware, which is robust and cooks the food exactly as you want it.

What do pots and pans have to do?

It is important that cookware heats up evenly and that the heat is kept constant. What’s annoying is when you heat four halves of peppers at once and only two of them are really cooked, while the others either take longer or even burn. It is also essential that the cookware does not let the food burn too quickly (through an inferior coating) or even pulls all the liquid out of the food (due to uneven heat), which then loses the taste and the food becomes tough and dry.

Which pot do I need?

Of course, you don’t just buy a pot and a pan. You should have a range of cookware to suit various dishes: smaller pots for sauces, medium pots for cooking pasta, rice and vegetables and large pots in case you have guests or want to prepare a soup. The same applies to pans: pans for preparation for one, two or more people. You should always have a larger pan and a larger cooking pot at hand to invite friends. Care should also be taken on the stove: Are the dishes suitable for the existing stove at all?

Each pot has its lid

If a whole, high-quality set is too expensive for you, you should get at least a good cooking pot and a good pan. This makes cooking easier – I promise! Good cooking pots can be recognized by the fact that they are made of stainless steel and are relatively heavy. The handles should be tightly screwed, the pot should be supplied with a lid and the bottom should be flat and thick. The same rules apply to ceramic or plastic-coated pans.

Now there will be nothing standing in the way of the juicy, tender steak, the crisp green asparagus or the golden-brown roast potatoes – Your cooking is no longer restricted by your pan or your pot!