Why is My Washing Machine Making a Lot of Noise?

If you have a noisy washing machine you may be wondering what is going on and whether you need to head out and buy a new one. While a noisy appliance doesn’t always mean there’s a major fault, it can be distracting and may lead to the washer being retired before its time.

Whatever the cause, ignoring a noisy washing machine is not a good idea as left unchecked it could lead to serious damage and end up costing far more than it would if you had nipped the problem in the bud.

But what causes a noisy washing machine?

Drum bearings

A rumbling during the wash cycle that gets worse during the spin, can be a sign of worn drum bearings. These metal balls run in a track around the drum allowing it to spin freely. If they become worn, they will cause excessive friction. It’s this friction that creates the noise.

Luckily, diagnosing worn drum bearings is relatively easy. With an empty machine, open the door and spin the drum by hand. If the noise still happens, you probably have worn bearings.

Fixing worn bearing is a job for a professional washing machine repairer, although a quick search of YouTube will show a long list of people peddling DIY fixes. Washing machine’s bearings are tricky to repair and could cause more damage if you try to replace them yourself. In some cases, the bearings are sealed in place and cannot be replaced. In this event, a new appliance is the only option.

Excessive play in the drum

This can also be a symptom of worn drum bearings. If the drum is allowed to move excessively in any direction, you are likely to get a knocking or banging noise as it hits the side of the machine. Again, this is a problem that needs a professional.

Damaged to the drum or drum spider

Another potential cause of a noisy washing machine can be a split in the drum itself or if the drum has come away from the spider that holds it in place at the back of the machine. Unlike the constant noise, a worn bearing makes, this type of damage causes a loud noise once in every revolution. If you think your machine has this problem, then get a professional repairer to check it out.

Money, money, money

One of the most common noise-related problems in a washing machine is when a coin or other obstruction gets trapped between the outer tub and inner drum. This type of problem will make the machine sound like something is rattling around inside, especially if you rock an empty machine side to side. While you can sometimes manipulate the object to fall into the sump hose and remove it yourself, it is likely you will need to have a repairer remove it.

In conclusion

A noisy washing machine can be incredibly irritating and shouldn’t be ignored. Get a professional to look at it as soon as possible. It could save you money in the long run.

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