Why You Need Locks and Keys Insurance

If you’ve ever lost your keys or been unable to open the door to your property due to a faulty lock, you know how irritating and stressful the experience can be. Being so close to your home but not being able to access it is a sure-fire way to ruin what could be an otherwise perfect day. Not only that, but the cost of a locksmith or key replacement can be steep and maybe a cost too far for many people.

This is where good quality locks and keys insurance policy comes in.

What exactly is locks insurance and keys insurance?

Locks and keys insurance is often referred to in a variety of names – lock cover, key cover, key insurance, etc. – but in essence all these policies do the same thing. Essentially, locks and keys insurance is there to cover you in the event of an issue with your keys or the lock on your property.

A good locks and keys policy will include cover for both key damage and lock damage as well as for lost and stolen keys and (sometimes) the cost of calling out a locksmith.

What are the benefits of locks and keys insurance?

As with all insurance policies, the main purpose of a locks and keys insurance policy is to provide peace of mind that in the event of an emergency, somebody will be there to help you sort out the problem.

Nobody wants to face an unforeseen bill or the stress of dealing with an emergency alone. By having good quality insurance, you are protecting yourself and your property and keeping money in your pocket where it should be.

What issues are covered by a locks and keys policy?

Here are a few of the areas a good locks and keys policy will cover:

  • Broken or faulty locks
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Damaged keys that will no longer operate correctly
  • Locks that will not close correctly due to damage

Aren’t my locks and keys covered by my home insurance?

The short answer, unfortunately for most, is no. Most home insurance policies will not provide cover for your keys or the locks on your doors. They may cover you for damage to your doors in the event of an emergency situation, but things like lost keys or broken locks due to age are unlikely to be included. If you are unsure if you are covered, check your policy documentation or ring your provider.

There is an easier way to protect your locks and keys

As mentioned earlier, being unable to access your home due to an issue with your keys or the locks on your doors can be an incredibly stressful experience. That’s why we at Prominence Support offer a comprehensive and cost-effective Home Emergency Insurance policy that includes locks and keys cover as standard.