Why You Need Pest Control Insurance?

Most standard home insurance policies don’t include any form of pest control protection. This is because home insurance is there to cover you in in the event of damage to the structure of your property or loss of household belongings due to fire, water, and theft. Pest protection is seldom seen as an emergency by providers and is often viewed as a preventable occurrence whose responsibility falls on the shoulders of the homeowners.

What is pest control insurance?

Pest control insurance functions in a similar way to other household policies. For a small fixed sum, your home is covered against infestations and the damage they cause to an upper limit value set out in the policy’s terms and conditions. Some general home insurance products, like our own Home Emergency Cover, will include pest insurance as standard, negating the need for additional coverage.

Pre-existing problems are not covered, but from the policy commencement date any future pest issues will be. Just be aware that some policies will require an inspection is undertaken before a policy can start or at regular intervals thereafter.

What types of pests are covered?

Most policies will cover you for the most common types of animal and insect pests likely to infest your home. Many of these animals can cause damage to your property so dealing with them as soon as possible is the key to reducing the negative impact they can have. Here are some of the pests that can be covered:

  • Rats: The most common pest in the UK is the brown rat and these can be found in most inner city and rural areas. The main problems with rats in your home is that rats are disease carriers and can spread pathogens to humans. Getting rid of rats needs to be done as quickly as possible to avoid risk to you and your household.
  • Bed bug infestations: Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem for many households and getting rid of them is not easy. Many severe infestations will require a pest expert to remedy.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches are another disease-carrying animal that can be quite hard to get rid of once their infestation takes hold. Cockroaches, again, can be found in most city and rural environments.
  • Ant infestations. Ants, while less damaging to property and health than some of the other critters on this list, can be an incredibly frustrating animal to eradicate. Ants follow food and will form long lines as they move to and from its source, including around your house. Their diminutive size allows them to find their way through most gap, even when you don’t think there is a gap there in the first place.

An easier way to protect your home from pests

Pests can be an incredibly annoying addition to your home and here at Prominence Support our Home Emergency Insurance not only gives you unrivalled cover for a great low-cost monthly fee, it includes pest insurance as standard.