Will Apps Replace Remote Controls

Do you want to use your mobile phone as a universal remote control? This article will offer you information about the use of remote control apps for your smartphone or other tablets, smartphones, etc. with the Android operating system.

Do you want to use your Samsung smartphone as a remote control for your devices in the living room? A variety of different apps are available for Samsung and Android smartphones. Apps that turn your mobile phone into a remote control are also available for download free of charge. First of all, you should consider which devices you want to control with your mobile phone. Are these current devices that you have integrated into your network or are these older devices.

In general, you need the following technical requirements to be able to switch your devices with your mobile phone after installing a remote control app:

Does the smartphone work with infrared?

You have e.g. a new flat screen that is integrated into the same home network as your smartphone. In this case, you can easily use the remote control app on your mobile phone.

App remote control
Internet of things concept, Controlling your home appliances with a smartphone

If you have older devices that are not network-compatible, then these devices must be controlled via infrared. So exactly as if you would switch the device with conventional remote control. You have to differentiate between the following: Can my Samsung smartphone directly control this infrared receiver of the TV set? So does my smartphone have a built-in infrared transmitter (just like a conventional remote control has an IR transmitter)?

If your smartphone has an IR transmitter installed, you can easily control all the devices stored in the code library using your mobile phone and the appropriate app. If your smartphone does not have an infrared transmitter installed, it cannot be used to remotely control older devices. In this case, you need another part with an IR transmitter: a solution with a spare part with an integrated IR transmitter is e.g. the Logitech Harmony Hub.

Which remote control app should be downloaded? The major manufacturers of consumer electronics offer free remote control apps for your own devices. The original remote control can be easily replaced with these manufacturer apps. Do you have e.g. a Grundig Interactive Smart TV, then use a remote control app for your Samsung Android phone, e.g. the Grundig Smart Remote App (can be found in the Android Market). If you want to control several devices from different manufacturers with one app, you can use paid and free apps. Google Playstore shows you the latest apps for controlling your consumer electronics devices. Simply enter in the search field at the Google Playstore e.g. the term “remote TV”.

With more and more app options on the market, it is more than likely that one day the remote control will be replaced by the phone. But for now, we can still choose between both.